About Us 

Specialist in Prestige Experiences since 2004

With over 18 years of experience in corporate hospitality, event management and the entertainment industry, we are well qualified to make you experiences life more meaningful. Our VIP packages allow us to invite our customers or collaborators to live the most prestigious sporting events. Tickets in box, access to the best stadium seats, VIP reception, we manage public relations services and know the importance of a good operation for the smooth running of your investment.

From the research of the place to the accommodation, through the management of the meals and the gala evening, we are always in search of the solutions best adapted to your needs. We committe to providing you excellent customer service and exceeding you expectations, as well as achieving high satisfaction rates. We have the ability to combine imagination, strategic thinking and attention to provides you access to unforgettable experiences in the cities where you live and travel.

Our mission is to provide you opportunities to have meaningful moments with the people you care about. Fuel your passions. Make memories to last a lifetime with Prestige Experiences.

Experiences / Specialties : Account Management, VIP Hospitality, Event Management & Logistics, Corporate Hospitality, Conferences and Sponsor at major events worldwide. Sports Travel, Sports Hospitality, Global Sports Logistics, Sports Marketing, Sports Management and Event Organization.